The Cerberus Beach House Revisited

12 Half Moon Bay Black Rock
Date visited: 6th April 2014

MerlinFan and I were craving a baked or grilled cheese of some sort, so we decided to head back to The Cerberus Beach House, remembering that we had seen something along those lines on their menu before.  This will be a shorter post since it's not the first time we have visited.  

Port and Oregano Baked French Camembert

Baked French Camembert for two $29
AS, MerlinFan and I shared the Baked French camembert to start.  We absolutely loved this.  Salivating thinking back on it.  The cheese was baked, grilled to a gooey, oozy middle - perfection.  The balsamic onions, olives, house made chutney and sea salt crostinis were ideal accompaniments.

For mains, AS had the Cerberus Fish and Chips.  Yes, it was delicious obviously, so she had the same thing as what she had last time.

Fish & chips $28
MerlinFan had one of the specials, the Goulburn River Brown Trout with carrot cream, crab cake, fennel and watercress salad.

Trout $18
The trout was light and refreshing - presentation was so dainty and beautiful.  The portion may be a bit small for big eaters but it was fine for MerlinFan.

I had the Gippsland Grass Fed Eye Fillet Steak.

Eye Fillet Steak $35
The steak was well seasoned and went nicely with the truffle and chive butter.  The wild mushrooms and sauce were quite salty on their own - as always I believe a good piece of steak can stand on its own, so I didn't need the sauce much.  

We were eying the desserts from the start (like hungry vultures) but ended up being too full after the cheese and mains, so we just got coffees and one dessert to share.

Cappucino, latte
We changed our minds several times but settled finally on the Summer Berry Parfait.  

Summer berry parfait $16

It was so beautifully presented!  Tasted as fantastic as it looked.  The creamy, cold two-layered parfait paired with the sweet and tangy berries were a match made in heaven.

We rolled out of there satisfied happy customers yet again.  Love the Cerberus Beach House and will definitely revisit.  Waitstaff are friendly and although service can be a while, we couldn't really complain whilst gazing out at the beautiful sea views and especially when waiting for good food that was worth the wait.  Need to have more of that baked camembert and fish and chips.

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