Ground Floor, Westfield Shopping Centre,
619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster 3108
Date visited: 29th Sept 2012

I've wanted to try Mövenpick since Mum told us in the past how good it was when she had it in Switzerland when she was younger.  The Mövenpick cafe is located on the ground floor of Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre.

MerlinFan and Mum were too full for dessert, so AS and I decided to share.  We had the chocolate waffle obsession with two different ice creams of your choice.  We picked the Swiss Chocolate and Double Cream & Meringues.

The chocolate ice cream was rich, with a hint of chocolatey bitterness.  I know I won't be able to describe it as perfectly as Mövenpick does on their website, so I will quote how it has "a crisp ripple that breaks into crunchy shavings as you bite into it."  So true.

Our second scoop was of Double cream and meringues.  This too was creamy and silky, with a sweet ripple of caramel coulis and small fragments of crunchy meringue.  Heavenly.
Now, the waffle is a new hybrid of waffles I have now come to call panffles.  

Why?  Because they look like waffles but taste and have the soft feel of pancakes.  They were reminiscent of the ones at Trunk Diner, and these had no crunch to them and just tasted the slightest bit doughy too.  The dark chocolate sauce was watery and didn't do anything to improve the waffles.  It didn't help either that AS started cutting up all the waffles into tiny bite sized pieces like Ester in Orphan.  Why??? <moans>
Verdict?  Mövenpick sure makes fantastic ice creams that leave me craving more after I left.  As for the Waffle Obsession - this was one waffle that I doubt I would be obsessing after.

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