Burch & Purchese 3: Stalker Days

647 Chapel St, South Yarra

Okay, we're been back to B&P multiple times (almost every week, so maybe it's a good thing it's out of our way in South Yarra) now so I thought I might as well compile the previous visits into one post rather than a few scattered around.  First two visits are here and here.

Date visited: 25th August 2012

Being on Toorak Road just a week later, we just couldn't resist popping around the corner to Burch & Purchese yet again.  Today, we decided to get the Smoked white chocolate, Coffee, Aniseed and Lemon cake.

Presentation had been nicer but it had been lying on it's side in the box on the way home

This was yet another amazing creation.  I loved tasting every layer separately and then marvelling at how all the complex flavours came together.  It was the perfect blend of rich sweetness from the smoked white choc cream and tanginess of the lemon curd, complemented by the flavours of aniseed and coffee.  B&P also does texture so, so perfectly in my book.  Mum loved it so much she ended up having the whole thing.  I hadn't heard her say "this cake is so good" that many times in five minutes (LOL) and was already talking about ordering a big one for a family member's upcoming birthday XP
Strawberry meringue cloud $5
Of course, who could resist the meringue cloud.  MerlinFan chose the strawberry today.  It was a huge meringue, but boy, was it a good one - crisp, airy and melt in your mouth on the outside, but jammy and chewy on the inside, very reminiscent of candy floss we ate as children.

Right now, B&P can do no wrong in our eyes - I can't wait to try more of those amazing creations!

Date visited: 6th September 2012

We had a craving for pork ribs so we went to TGIF and of course couldn't resist visiting B&P again (hey, we needed to stock up for dessert tonight LOL).

Our stash
Explosive milk chocolate & Raspberry
Milk choc & raspberry mousse/ exaggerated raspberry cream/ milk choc Sacher sponge/
fresh raspberry cream/ milk choc Sacher sponge/ fresh raspberry compote/
chocolate royal biscuit/ raspberry marshmallow/ chocolate coated pop rocks/ mirror chocolate glaze
I've mentioned before I'm not a huge fan of deconstructed stuff (I rather eat an actual cake, because I love texture) but I'm so so tempted by pretty things.  The description sounded amazing and the explosive milk chocolate & raspberry did look very alluring to the eye with the warm, rich chocolate browns and eye popping reds.  However, after tasting the other amazing desserts put out by B&P, this was probably the least impressive of the lot. 

Coconut, Passionfruit, Ginger and Mint
Coconut mousse/ passionfruit curd/ coconut caviar/
passionfruit jelly/ salted oat & ginger crumble/
white chocolate mint wafer/ brilliant white chocolate spray
This I loved!  The passionfruit curd and jelly were awesome and I loved the coconut caviar - reminded me of pearl sago.  We got a few different things to share and try today, but next time I'm having one all to myself mwua ha ha... (Dr Evil pinkie finger to lips)

 Mango, Milk chocolate and Ginger cake
Milk chocolate & mango cream/ coconut meringue/ Jamaican ginger cake/
mango cream/ milk chocolate sponge/ mango custard/ chocolate gingerbread teddy
The taste of mango was quite subtle - I found that quite surprising given the colour and appearance of the cake; I had expected it to really pop.  Although all in all a nice cake, the flavours of each layer were all quite subtle to me as I had expected intense flavours in each individual layer like the Smoked white chocolate, Coffee, Aniseed and Lemon cake. 

Chocolate, Mandarin, Salted Caramel
Kendari 69% chocolate mousse/ Murray River salted caramel/
burnt mandarin cream/ St Clements marmalade/
aerated chocolate shortbread/ chocolate mirror glaze
Sorry, ruined a bit of the beautiful glaze as the mango cake toppled over and nicked it as I was rushing for the train >:(  [Bugger Flinders St pulling stunt-that-is-the-norm of changing platforms at the last minute making everyone run from one platform to the other!!!  Not happy!]  Usually I'm not a huge mousse fan but the salted caramel was so so delicious.  The mousse was rich, had great consistency and held its form, unlike the overly aerated and soft kind that I just do not enjoy.

Overall great desserts and good value for money too, at $9 per piece.

My favourites would definitely be the Raspberry, White chocolate, Honey & Lychee cake, which is seriously one of the best cakes I've ever tasted and the Smoked White Chocolate, Aniseed, Coffee and Lemon.  I would recommend it to anyone next time you're looking for a birthday or celebration cake or if you're like us and love having a cake in the fridge to satisfy your sweet tooth :)


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