Olinda Cafe

23 Olinda Monbulk Road, Olinda 3788
Date visited: 23rd October 2012

We went to see the Hanami Day (flower viewing) at the Rhododendron Gardens today and decided to stop for lunch somewhere in the Dandenong Ranges.  Today, we decided to stop by Olinda Cafe.

Service was quick - they moved some tables around and we were seated within minutes.  They had a two page lunch menu of pies, toasted pitas, hot food and sweet things.  You get the menu at the table, but order at the counter when you're ready.

The counter staff was friendly and patient - even after I had to go back and check our table number, had to check with Mum what she wanted again (as she had changed her mind a couple of times!) and after AS couldn't decide what she wanted after being told the pita she wanted had run out. 

We all had our coffee fix.  The waitress who brought around our coffees had a lock of super long hair dangling out from behind her ear.  I was sooo afraid it was going to dangle into my coffee.  Thank goodness it didn't (if it did, I would have returned it).
The latte was all right.  

There was some confusion when our food arrived.  We ordered three pies and a special.  A very young waitress served up my pie and was going to serve us a pita which we didn't order.  When we said it wasn't ours, she just repeated that it was a pita in confusion.  The table behind us overhead and explained that it was theirs, and they had moved tables.  I gave my pie to the other table - they ordered it first so it was only fair - the young waitress apologised.  

I had the Black Angus Beef Pie.  I loved the chips.  They were fantastic - crisp and hot and salted to perfection =D  The salad I enjoyed too - my only peeve was that it either was not tossed properly or the dressing was only drizzled over the top, for there wasn't much dressing on the leaves at the bottom.  The beef pie was okay - seemed to be missing something, so I added a bit of salt.  I actually prefer the one at Wickedly Delicious.  To be honest, I even like Four 'N Twenty meat pies over this.  This is personal opinion, though - Mum tasted mine and really liked the flavour of the beef. 
Black Angus Beef Pie $15.50
 AS had the Lamb pie - pretty standard lamb pie.
Lamb & Rosemary Pie $15.50
Mum had the Chicken pie - it was creamy and the portion of chicken and mushroom was generous, but it too lacked salt.
Chicken & Mushroom Pie $15.50
 MerlinFan did not want a pie, so she had the special.
Slow roasted lamb with salad of nuts, grains, currants and honey yoghurt $19
The lamb was tender and juicy, covered with nuts, grains, currants and sweet yoghurt.  I only had a little taste and not much of it because it had parsley, which I loathe (shudder).

Overall, food was okay and service was quick and staff were friendly.  As for the staff making mistakes with our orders, I really don't mind as long as they are polite and don't give attitude.

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