Henry and the Fox

525 Lt Collins St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 31st August 2012

I wanted to try Henry and the Fox for a short time now - I was keen on trying it today, but MerlinFan had a craving for ramen, so we made a deal.  Ramen for lunch at Ito, and head over to Henry and the Fox after for dessert ;P

So if you're looking for a lunch/dinner review, sorry this post is only on dessert.

The restaurant is rather hidden away on one end of Little Collins St and is only open on weekdays.  

Cute interior.  Cafe-like, modern, casual.

MerlinFan was already stuffed from lunch so she suggested sharing a dessert.  Vaguely remembering seeing small desserts in little glass jars from several bloggers' reviews, I reassured her that the serves were going to be small so we could get one each.  Was I wrong, but in for a pleasant surprise.

Turns out, I had conveniently forgotten that the photos of those desserts I saw online were posted by bloggers who had been invited to Henry and the Fox's bloggers dinner and of course, they were sort of "sample sized" versions of the desserts there!  Were we surprised when our desserts came out in second-meal sizes!

MerlinFan had the Quince, pear, custard, coconut crumble and coconut ice cream.  The coconut ice cream was nice, although we both agreed it didn't top the one at Chin Chin.  MerlinFan loved the coconut crumble - it was light and crispy with coconut flakes and went really well with the yummy custard and fruits.  It was such a huge serving that she could barely finish it in the end!  (She did XP)
Quince, pear, custard, coconut crumble, coconut ice cream $14

I couldn't decide between the Passionfruit Cheesecake or the Steamed Honey & Hazelnut Pudding, but I ended up getting the former.
Passionfruit cheesecake, passionfruit mousse, jelly, granita, yoghurt sorbet $14
I admit I'm not a huge fan of deconstructed "stuff", but this deconstructed cheesecake was lovely.  Usually with passionfruit, there is a fear that it might get too sweet but that wasn't the case here - there was a hint of tanginess and that cold granita and passionfruit sorbet gave it the bit of acidity to balance out the rich, creamy and silky-smooth mousse and cheesecake.  I especially loved the rich, crunchy biscuit crumb - it reminded me of festive seasons with the smell of warm buttery cookies wafting throughout cookie shops and departmental stores.  Sigh.
Nice desserts, I'd love to come back one day to try the food for lunch.

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