Two Birds One Stone

12 Claremont St, South Yarra 3141
Date visited: 18th August 2012

Two Birds One Stone has been on my radar only recently.  It is a brand new cafe opened just over a month ago, on 16th July 2012, by the crew at Three Bags Full.

Now, MerlinFan and I had planned to go to Burch and Purchese today after happening to see a tweet earlier this week saying that the two Masterchef dessert queens Julia & Kylie were going to be there from 11am-2pm serving free tastings of their creations.  Seeing that B&P was close by, I decided why not have brunch first at Two Birds One Stone before dropping by?  There's nothing like killing two birds with one stone XP

It was raining this morning when I got up, so I thought sweet, maybe the cafe would be less busy.  Boy, was I sooo wrong.

The cafe was packed and there was already a crowd of people by the door waiting.  We were about the fifth in line and told there was going to be a 20 minute wait.

The interior decor was actually really pretty with wooden columns, bright white lights and hanging flowers on the walls.

After a long wait, we were shown to a tiny two seater table for the three of us.  And it wasn't even a corner table where we could sit on three sides of the table; two of us had to squeeze together side by side.

I don't know if I should be grateful or annoyed.  Grateful that MerlinFan and I were small enough to squeeze side by side on one side of a single seat table, or annoyed that just because we're thin people assume you can and are happy to squeeze.  Anyway, whatever.  I didn't want to wait any longer than necessary.  At least I wasn't sitting on the bar table right beside the door having frigid air blast on me every it opened and shut.  And at least we had an actual table, not share the communal table.
Two seater table shared between three
(there were tables on both sides of us)
The staff were friendly and efficient, punctuating everything with a big smile.  We got orders for our coffees the second we sat down, which was a big plus.  Another waitress came and took orders for our food a few minutes later.  They had a regular menu and a Specials list. 
Regular menu (click to enlarge)
 Our coffees came in no time.  
Cappucino $3.80
Latte $3.80
Mocha $4.00
This was one great mocha.  It came with a big, fluffy marshmallow and it sure hit the spot on a wet, rainy day.
The food didn't take too long to arrive.  Mum had the House made pork sausage, potato scone, red cabbage relish, pearl barley & a fried egg from the Specials menu.  I thought the sausage (which was the only part of the dish I tried) was fantastic, but Mum wasn't particularly impressed.  She found the potato scone bland and the sausage too mild, however my family members are rather harsh critics and a very tough crew to please and I can scarcely remember any times where I brought them anywhere and they said they liked the food!  @_@
Pork sausage special $16.00
MerlinFan had the Twice cooked marmalade French toast, oranges and vanilla mousse.  The French toast was rich and crispy around the edges and MerlinFan said it tasted like a lemon cake inside.  She said she would have liked some sauce, like maple syrup to go with it.
French toast $16.50
I saw the Eggs Benedict with house smoked ham hock & béarnaise and just had to try it.  One of the poached eggs was already broken at the bottom when it arrived and oozing yolk onto the ham, and the other was slightly under in the middle with the whites still a tad gelatinous.  I liked the béarnaise and the ham hock was smoky and meaty, although I usually like my ham much saltier.  My one complaint was that the bearnaise made the bread quite soggy toward the end :(
Eggs benedict $16.50
I would recommend coming to Two Birds One Stone early, or during a weekday, unless you are prepared for a twenty minute wait or more.  In saying that, after you do get a seat, service is good and orders are taken promptly with coffees and food coming quickly.  

So was it worth the wait?  For the food, maybe, but for the coffees definitely!

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