Burch & Purchese 2: Dessert Queens (& King)

647 Chapel St, South Yarra
Date visited: 18th August 2012

We just had to drop by today after seeing a tweet from B&P saying the two dessert queens from Masterchef 2012, Kylie Millar and Julia Taylor were going to be there this afternoon to dish up some of their sweet creations.  Being a Masterchef fan and seeing that I had missed out when MerlinFan went for the first time, I just had to go and see B&P and the chef-lebrities for myself!

Some photos of the shop.  Hey, I didn't get to see it the first time, so I was amazed.


We got there halfway through and there were already lots of people gathered.  Some of the customers were excitedly squealing "There's Julia!  There's Kylie!" and of course, out came all the cameras (including mine) and iPhones =P 
The girls were serving up their sweets and having "paparazzi" fans take pictures of them left, right and centre.
Julia's Blackforest Macaron
Kylie's Jammy Doughnut
I took a photo of Kylie's platter of jammy doughnuts just as she set them down on the counter to take a photo of them herself LOL

And finally, to wrap up this post with more store-bought goodies...
Milk choc shell filled with hazelnut cream, topped with hazelnut crumble
I had this.  Milk choc + hazelnut cream, two of my favourite things = *drool*
White choc shell filled with raspberry marshmallow, topped with raspberry and white choc clay
MerlinFan had this.  She said it was yum.
White choc shell filled with salted caramel, topped with a red heart
We both had this.  I hate really pretty lollies cos I hate having to taking a bite and destroying them.  But.... the salted caramel is just so, so good.
Thanks to B&P and the Dessert Queens for generously sharing their creations with us!


  1. OMG I may go into a diabetic coma just by reading this post. Everything looks divine; especially that trail mix (?) of popcorn, chocolate and honeycomb. SO sold on that.

  2. The pictures of B&P's creations sure speak for themselves, don't they? Thanks for visiting my blog :)