Queen Victoria Market Cake Shop

Dairy Produce Hall,
Shop 51-54 Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne 3051
Date visited: 28th August 2012

I'm sure everyone has passed the Queen Vic Market Cake shop once or twice after a day of shopping at Queen Vic.  It's where we used to buy biscuits and today, we stopped by on this sunny, blustery spring (hooray!) afternoon for some macarons.

Cute Gingerbread Men
We've never tried the macarons here before, so no time like the present.  They had a small but nevertheless very interesting assortment of flavours.  They were $2.80 each, or four for $11 or six for $16.
 Sorry, I think the flavour cards were not exactly in the right position.
Bubblegum macarons!!!  Love the colour - reminds me of a rainbow Paddle Pop!
Chocolate and coffee selections :D
We got a selection of six macarons - we couldn't get past the quirky flavours like bubblegum and how pretty and colourful they looked.
From top left:
Classic blueberry cheesecake, Bubblegum, Cointreau orange & Belgium chocolate
Belgium Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Tiramisu
These macarons were bigger and fatter than most others I've had.  The shell was different too, crunchier with a bit more chew in the middle - I felt they could have been more consistent.

Blueberry Cheesecake was the favourite, with cheesecake cream and blueberry jam.
Bubblegum was interesting and the cream was a bit firm with a bit of a chewy texture - I'm sure bubblegum lovers would love this.
Belgium Chocolate was like a big brownie macaron.
Orange & Chocolate was like a Jaffa macaron.  The shell was inconsistent though, more biscuity and had a large air bubble in the centre.
Tiramisu - yum.
Turkish Delight had very a strong flavour of rosewater.

Pretty nice macarons and a convenient pitstop on the way home from the market.


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