38 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3181
Date visited: 25th August 2012

I've finally returned to Melbourne again after a week away working.  Of course, since I already had a Vline ticket, what better way to put it to good use then to hightail it over to South Yarra for some sweets.  LuxBite was the destination of choice to tick off my ever-growing wishlist.

No dessert post would be complete without some pictures first, of course.
Endless Love and Be My Love

There is no denying how stunning these desserts were sitting in the glass case like gems in a jewel box.  I had initially planned to get one of the cake slices - either the Epic Chocolate Cravings or the Caramel Cravings.  However, what stunned me more than anything when I got there was how incredibly tiny each slice was in real life!  

Just looking at photos on other bloggers' sites (and probably mine below too) is terribly deceiving - if being on TV puts on 10 pounds, so does being on camera photographs.
The size of the Caramel Cravings in comparison to the macaron atop it is it's actual size

I'm sorry, but I couldn't bear to part with $7.50-8.50 for something as tiny as that when I could get cakes at bigger slices and fantastic quality for about the same price.

Endless Love - so SO pretty
We ended up getting the Endless Love and the Meringue Monster (which MerlinFan had her eyes set upon beforehand) both for their novelty value.

They also had a big selection of macarons with some Asian-inspired/ Malaysian flavours, so being in a macaron mood, we decided to get six to try.

Our stash:
Meringue Monster, Endless Love
Top: Peanut butter & jelly, Salted caramel, watermelon, rose & lychee
Bottom: Kaya toast, Keilala Vanilla Creme Brûlée

Mum especially enjoyed all these desserts.

The Endless Love was a raspberry, rose and lychee giant macaron.  The rosewater ran strong through the cream, but the juicy tanginess of the raspberries countered the sweetness nicely.  There was also a small slice of lychee right in the middle.

The macarons were nicely chewy in the middle - my favourites were the Kaya Toast and Creme Brulee.  

Kaya - I grew up with kaya and this macaron was lovely, especially with the little smear of buttery cream inside.  YUM.
Creme Brulee - Tasted exactly like a creme brulee with a hint of caramel bitterness 
PB&J - I love anything with peanut butter!!!
Rose & lychee - like a mini version of the Endless Love 
Salted caramel - I liked the saltiness, but to me it was somehow too buttery and felt oily.  That's my opinion, though, maybe I'm mad; MerlinFan and Mum loved it.
Watermelon - least impressive of the six, the watermelon flavour tasted somewhat artificial

Last but not least was the Meringue Monster.
Meringue Monster's insides!
I was so proud of my handiwork in cutting it open XP

Mum thought the Meringue Monster was delightful.  I could definitely taste the strawberry mousse and pistachio, but we sat there for a while trying to guess what flavour the yoghurt was.  Only when we looked through my photos with the description of the cakes then we realised it was watermelon LOL.  MerlinFan and I agreed that there could have been more texture with most of the cake being mousse. 

Overall, nice desserts that are beautiful to behold, but a tad bit on the pricey side.

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  1. Luxbite certainly has beautiful-looking desserts, but we find them too sugary (and dare we say, over-coloured with food dyes).

  2. Haha they are visually stunning and the brilliant colours striking to the eye, aren't they. Thanks for visiting :)