Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

647 Chapel St, South Yarra
Date visited: 11th August 2012

I am so so so jealous!!!!

Why?  Let me start from the beginning.

This year, MerlinFan and I decided to get a cake from Burch & Purchese for our birthday on Sunday.  Since I was working all week up to the Saturday (and not getting back to Melbourne until after 10pm!!!), MerlinFan went to the Sweet Studio to choose our cake.

Pictures of Burch & Purchese shop are all courtesy of MerlinFan.  It was like being a kid in a candy store (actually, it was... kind of.  LOL).

Adorable window display
Too pretty to eat!
Meringue clouds 

 As MerlinFan was looking into the kitchen, guess who she saw?
Huge pic so you can see better
It was Julia Taylor, from this year's Masterchef 2012!

MerlinFan was asking Mum, "Do you think that girl looks like Julia?" when one of the shop girls overheard as she walked by and cheerfully told them, "Yup, that's Julia!" and called her.

Julia waved to them and even paused for a picture.  LOL!

And as MerlinFan walked away from the kitchen (starry-eyed and thinking OMG she just saw Julia from MasterChef) she turned around and ARGH!!!  Standing there behind her was none other than the man himself, Darren Purchese!

He was grinning (probably used to people coming to ogle everything and everyone in his store - including himself) and MerlinFan just had to ask for a pic.  He was like "of course!" and even posed with his cakes =D
Damn, so so jealous!

Anyhoo, MerlinFan got one of the Raspberry, White Chocolate, Honey & Lychee cakes.

Raspberry, white chocolate, honey lychee 18cm cake $49
So beautifully decorated - I love how the red just pops against the white.  The cake consisted of:
White chocolate & raspberry mousse/ raspberry & lychee jelly/ muesli & honey nut sponge/ raspberry & hibiscus jam/honey lychee syrup/ exaggerated raspberry cream/ white chocolate velvet spray.

This cake was divine!  As described by other bloggers, it had a beautiful flowery fragrance - the flavour of the raspberry was dominant here, without too much tanginess and without the crunchy little berry seeds which aggravate me so much in some desserts.  The flavour of the lychee comes in more as a lingering aftertaste; I loved the raspberry and lychee jelly and huge chunks of lychee between the layers, and there was a perfect amount of muesli and nut sponge for texture.  Pure genius.

Of course, MerlinFan couldn't resist getting some pops too, one of every flavour =)

As for me, I'm going to get myself another piece of the lychee cake from the fridge XP

Little did I know, my disappointment from this post would soon be forgotten when we got to see not only Darren Purchese and Julia but also Kylie at the Dessert Queens Challenge only a week later...

More B&P goodies...

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