LE MIEL et la lune

330 Cardigan St, Carlton 3053
Date visited: 11th May 2013

Today began with a beautiful sunrise over the CBD.

Le Miel et la lune had been on my wishlist for some time.  A friend had visited last week and confirmed the food was good, so MerlinFan and I decided to head over there with AH this morning for a late brunch.

Le Miel is located at the intersection of Cardigan and Elgin St.

It was full when we got there, so we were asked to wait on one of the windows like a few other people.

Window seat
 It didn't take long before we were brought to our seats.

'Grass' carpet
Salt & pepper, sugar
We were given menus and had our orders taken quite quickly.

It was too warm an autumn day for hot drinks, so MerlinFan had an Ice Coffee and I had an Ice Mocha.

Ice coffee (left), Ice mocha (right) $6.00 each
I enjoyed the milky, velvety smooth coffee and look at the pretty vertical streaking effect on the glass left by the chocolate.

MerlinFan chose their Lamb Burger.

Lamb burger $17.50
MerlinFan said all the components of the dish were great on their own.   The sweet chilli with sour cream went nicely with the potatoes. The lamb was really soft and succulent - the juices were just oozing out as she cut into it.  MerlinFan said the tzatziki and the beetroot relish were slightly sweet and the cheddar cheese not particularly salty - everything was on the sweet side so after a while, MerlinFan felt as though she needed a bit more saltiness to cut through the sweetness.  Overall, MerlinFan still stated it was a really good lamb burger.

I had the French Toast.  Or rather, it had me at "butterscotched banana."

French Toast $16.50
The butterscotch soaked into the soft bananas, seeped and mingled with all the maple syrup.  The brioche french toast was sinfully buttery, soaking up all that rich sauce.  Throw in some bacon to cut through the sweetness and you've got a winner.  It sounded good on paper and even better in reality.  What's there not to love, really.

AH had the Vegetarian Breakfast.

Vegetarian breakfast $17.00
MerlinFan and I had a moment of food envy when AH got her dish.  Her eggs were perfectly done and just a tad runny, the way we love our scrambled eggs.  Sigh.  We couldn't resist stealing a bite and they were really yummy.  The Meredith feta was smooth and creamy, and AH enjoyed the baked beans, tomato relish as well.  Halfway through her dish, AH was surprised when she found a piece of paper in her smashed avocado!

AH informed one of the waitresses about her find (complete with her favourite Mrs Brown look):
Mrs Brown
The waitress apologised profusely.  She whisked the plate away and returned saying that we didn't need to pay for the dish.  She also asked if she could get AH a dessert or a drink.  AH reassured her that it was okay and declined as she was already full.

We were pleasantly surprised when a few minutes later, the same waitress brought AH a juice anyway, apologising again.

Apple, carrot, celery & ginger juice (free)

The waitress apologised again as we went to pay, and yes, AH had her breakfast and juice on the house.  The food was good and wwere happy with how the cafe and our waitress dealt with the situation.  It is always refreshing when a restaurant shows that it does care about customer satisfaction and making our dining experience a positive one despite whatever unforeseen mishaps that might occur.

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