Rinaldo's Casa Cucina

8-10 Tone Road, Wangaratta 3677
Date visited: 17th May 2013

Another round trip to Wodonga to pick up MerlinFan after work and back we were to Wangaratta for an overnight stopover.  Our dining venue for dinner was Rinaldo's Casa Cucina, which serves up fine modern Italian Australian cuisine.  I had been once before for a sponsored meal (hence didn't blog about it) which was pretty good, and MerlinFan liked the prospect after looking up the menu online (don't you just love being able to do that nowadays) so we decided, Rinaldo's was the place to be. 

There was parking in the small lot outside or alternatively you could park on the roadside.  I opted for the later.  The interior space was open, like a dining hall, with a rustic, warehouse feel.  There were a lot of large tables for big groups of people and appeared child friendly.  We were seated on a table by the window for which I was grateful - there were strangely a lot of coppers out tonight and I was glad I could also watch over my car parked on the side of the road.

We were seated quickly and given menus.  Coincidentally, MerlinFan and I both missed lunch so we were starving by 7pm so the complimentary bread with olive oil were very welcomed.

MerlinFan and I both had Lemon lime bitters.

Lemon lime bitter
After much deliberation, MerlinFan decided on the Dutch cream potato gnocchi in local Black Angus beef ragú.  You could have it as an entree for $16 or main for $25.  MerlinFan made the mistake of not asking how big the entree was and ended up not being able to finish her main.  The gnocchi were huge, fluffy, indulgently creamy pillows that melted in your mouth with that beautiful potato flavour.  The beef ragú was tomato-based, similar to Bolognese and quite delicious with the gnocchi.

Dutch cream potato gnocchi $25 (main)
Being a carnivore, I do love my meat and I was throwing up my options on duck, pork, lamb and steak.  I painstakingly decided on the Sirloin Steak.

Sirloin steak 300g $30

I had my steak medium with creamy mushroom sauce.  The steak was nicely pink and had a beautiful, beautiful chargrilled flavour.  Even MerlinFan who usually isn't the biggest fan of steaks and shudders at bloody meat stole a few bites and admitted later to having momentary food envy.  The mushroom sauce was rich and complemented the meaty flavour of the steak perfectly.  The herb roasted potatoes were creamy and crumbly and the mixed veges with Bundalong olive oil a refreshing combination.

Overall, MerlinFan and I really enjoyed our dinner at Rinaldo's.  Our one and only regret was that we didn't have room for dessert as were were bursting to the seams <sob>.  

So, just for fun, here are a couple of photos of desserts from my previous sponsored dinner earlier this year.  I was good and resisted the urge to be ill-mannered and take pics of my food throughout most of the dinner, but when I saw my friend snapping a photo of her dessert for her Facebook page, I caved and partook.  And then someone else at the table starting taking photos of his dessert too.  ;P Please, it was too pretty not to.

I'm only guessing what each dish is because we didn't have a menu.  

A friend's Creme Brulee with rhubarb.  Nice crack as you broke into the shell; a bit sweet for me but most of the others at the table enjoyed it.

My Raspberry and white chocolate semi freddo with berry coulis.  I thought mine was better =D

I definitely plan to revisit and leave room for dessert next time.  Delicious food and efficient service - worth a visit if you're in the area.  

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