Nine Taiwanese Dessert House

268 Swanston St, Melbourne
Date visited: 11th May 2013

I saw Nine Taiwanese Dessert House on our way down Swanston Street last weekend, so MerlinFan and I made an impromptu stop there this afternoon for some dessert.

 Like most other Asian dessert places, you order at the counter and get a seat.

MerlinFan and I decided to get a drink and a dessert.  We had the Black & White pearl milk tea.  The pearls were smaller than your regular ones but they were generous with it, filling almost half the plastic cup with it.  The tea wasn't as sweet we would have liked, but I enjoyed the strength of the tea.

Black and white pearl milk tea $4.50
We also had the Shaved ice No.9, which was freshly cut mango, mango flavoured coconut jelly, mango sauce, condensed milk and organic mango gelato.

Shaved ice No.9 $10.50

There was a heap of extremely sweet mango sauce, thick like cordial or puree.  The mango flavoured coconut jelly was also tangy and really sweet.  We liked having the fresh mango and neither of us detected the condensed milk.  The gelato had a slight tang and the taste reminded us a bit of jackfruit rather than mango.  We liked the dessert although it was really sweet - perhaps it would have been better in a dish rather than in a bowl where the shaved ice was stuck in the bottom with all the sauce on top.  It was also pretty pricey at $10.50 but the amount of toppings were generous and could easily be shared between two (which MerlinFan approved of).

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