Breakfast Thieves

420 Gore St, Fitzroy 3065
Date visited: 8th March 2014

I love long weekends.  Now with MerlinFan's assignment almost up and myself back in Melbourne, we decided to start our weekend off with the most important meal of the day - breakfast, of course.  We were both missing our brunch outings (and caffeine fix!) so our pick for the day was Breakfast Thieves in Fitzroy.

Parking was not an issue along Gore Street, which is always a bonus.  It was nice and sunny when we got there just before noon, and the cafe was full, but it was only a few minutes before we got a table.  Now, most of them are communal, so expect to share.  We sat outside (didn't mind the lovely morning!) in the middle of a long table between two couples so I felt totally obnoxious with my camera taking photos @_@

Their coffee beans are from Streat.  I had a Cappucino.  Cute coffee art - it was a bit on the acidic side.


MerlinFan was craving an Ice Coffee.  We liked that you got an option of having it with ice or ice cream.

Ice coffee (no it wasn't this stunted looking in reality)
As always, we had one sweet, one savoury to share - we actually already decided what we wanted to get before we came.  As always, MerlinFan had her sweet brekkie, My Unusual "BBLT" French. 

BBLT $17
The brioche French toast was sweet and still crisp on the outside - delicious.  I loved the tangy lemon curd, although MerlinFan had a Manu moment and felt it would be perfect with some sauce - something along the lines of maple syrup.  I felt that some of the brûlée bananas had a slight bitter coating which I didn't particularly enjoy.  The candied bacon wasn't really my cup of tea either, which was odd, because I usually love bacon.  On the other hand, MerlinFan, who usually isn't too fond of bacon, really liked them, said they were sweet and crispy.  Perhaps it was because we agreed it didn't taste like bacon, rather like some form of sweet meat.  If they were looking for unusual, they sure got it.  Try it for yourself and see what you think.

Our other choice was The Breakfast Chain.

The Breakfast Chain $18
The soft boiled eggs in the egg holders were so, so nostalgic.  Haven't had those in a while!  The eggs were perfect, the whites firm with a good wobble and the golden yolk beautifully oozy.  I loved the English cheddar melted soldiers - they were salty, cheesy and crunchy, what's there not to love.  We weren't quite sure how the crumble and berry yoghurt fit in - perhaps for those who can't make up their minds?  MerlinFan liked the marbled berry yoghurt with the grains and polished that off.  I, on the other hand, loved the saffron-poarched pears almond crumble -  it was sweet and sour, warm and comforting.

Brunch at Breakfast Thieves sure was an enjoyable affair.  Service was polite and efficient.  Foodwise, we both liked different elements on both dishes and agreed that it did provide some interesting variety in terms of brunch fare.  At pushing $20 for breakfast is not cheap, but servings will leave you stuffed so no complaints there.  

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