Gloria Swanston's Kitchen

243 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 29th March 2014

We went to Gloria Swanston's Kitchen today because of one reason - Kick Ass Burgers.  Never mind it wasn't a Tuesday (they offer the Kick Ass Burger for only $8 every Tuesday from 12-3pm) - burger was on my mind so burger I was having.

Now, Gloria Swanston's Kitchen offers much more than their infamous Kick Ass beef burger - they also have mac & cheese & bacon balls, Kentucky chicken bites, pork ribs and weekly specials.  Check out their Facebook page.

We ascended the stairs up to the venue - keep in mind that they open on 2pm on weekends though, so no early lunch =(  We kind of hovered around the entrance - were we supposed to seat ourselves, order at the counter or what?  Finally, we just approached the bar to place our orders.

MerlinFan wanted the Texas BBQ Ribs but they were unavailable today.  Disappointed.  She chose the Crispy Kentucky Chicken Bites instead.

Kentucky chicken bites $11
The bites were crunchy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.  Whilst pleasant, they weren't mind blowing and could have used a little bit more salt.

I had the Kick-Ass Beef Burger.

Kick-Ass beef burger $16

The Kick-Ass Beef Burger was awesome.  The smoky, robust-flavoured 200g ground beef patty with its delicious char-ry bits was undoubtedly the star here.  It was topped off with lettuce, tomato, pickles and there was plentiful moistness from the mayo.  Throw in salty bacon, double American cheese that was actually melted and you've got a winner.  They used soft brioche buns, which MerlinFan immediately said reminded her of the burgers at Huxtaburger.  The crinkled cut chips were hot and crispy - my side was insanely salty though, each chip coated with a generous dusting of salt >:D  I'm a salt freak, so I didn't mind so much, but wooo, were they salty!!!  I was just glad we had Cokes to guzzle - hey, can't have a burger without a soda.

The Kick-Ass beef burger sure did kick ass, and my only regret?  The fact that I can only visit on weekends - would have loved to make use of the half price on Tuesdays.  Oh well, can't have it all.

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