Doughboys Doughnuts

456 Queen St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 2nd March 2014

Doughboys Doughnuts offer hand forged doughnuts freshly dipped and topped on demand.  You know I can never say no to a good doughnut, even fancy schmancy ones, so off to Doughboys I went today.

At present, Doughboys Doughnuts is at located at the Mercat Cross Hotel, 456 Queen St, opposite the Queen Vic Market.  They are open from 9am - 2pm on Thursday to Sunday, but I would check their Facebook page for updates just to be sure. 

I saw the painted sign on the window and headed in to come face to face with a barren lobby.  Was momentarily stumped.  Surely they couldn't have sold up and packed up at 10am?  Checked their Facebook page again and okay fine, I didn't look far back enough to see they had said they were Upstairs, but decided to head up and have a look anyway.

Ah.  There they were, the stall at the far end corner - yay, my dreams of hand forged doughnuts were not smashed after all.

I took a moment deciding what flavours to get. 

After choosing three, I waited as the friendly girl dipped and topped my doughnuts on the spot.

I headed back happily with my stash this sunny Sunday morning, hiding a smile as a homeless man sitting outside 7-Eleven pointed and shouted "Get a job!!!" at every person who walked by, then cackled uproariously to himself as though he made the funniest (and most ironic) joke ever.

MerlinFan and I were not totally in agreement about the doughnuts.  Whereas MerlinFan felt the actually doughnuts were a bit too yeasty for her liking, I loved the bare doughnuts.  There were springy, soft and the yeastiness reminded me of sticks of baby doughnuts coated with sugar we used to eat as children.  Nostalgia is always good.  

Toppings were interesting and oh so pretty.

Peachy (left): White Callabaut Belgian chocolate on a sweet vanilla bean glaze, with salted coconut dusting and fresh peach slices
PBJ (middle): I wished the peanut butter was thicker and creamier (I love peanut butter).  It was covered with fresh blueberry jam sprinkled with roasted and crushed nuts.
Double D (right): Their most popular flavour - dipped with dark Monsieur Truffle cocoa, crunchy peanut butter and topped with roasted nuts and shaved Belgian chocolate.

Peachy, PBJ, Double D ($5.80 each)
I listed them under Moderately Priced Eats - at about $5.80 per piece is pretty steep considering the iconic Queen Vic American Doughnut Kitchen truck just around the corner at a fraction of the price.  These beauties are, however different from the rest and worth a try for doughnut fans.

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