Twenty and Six Espresso Revisited Again

594 Queensberry St, North Melbourne
Date visited: 15th March 2014

We haven't been back to Twenty and Six since they rolled out their new menu.  MerlinFan and I headed over there today to try some of their sweet brekkies.

We only had to wait a few minutes before a table freed up in the courtyard out back.  We started off with coffees.  

Affogato $6, Iced coffee $4.50
I actually wanted the Mexican Horchata, but it was sold out :(  I got an Affogato instead.

I would have liked to pour the espresso over the ice cream myself, but it came in a bowl.  Oh well.  The house made honeycomb ice cream was nice.

Surprise, surprise, MerlinFan had the Apple and Rhubarb Brioche French toast.  

Brioche French toast $17
MerlinFan said that the brioche itself was potentially the best brioche French toast she'd had to date.  She said it was especially good with the ice cream and honeycomb and she would have been happy to eat that on its own.  The apple, rhubarb and vanilla labne was sour to counter the sweetness, but I agreed with MerlinFan that it was somewhat superfluous.  We're not huge fans of rhubarb in desserts anyway, so that got left behind.

I chose the Chilled Tapioca & Coconut pudding.

Tapioca & coconut pudding $14
The tapioca and coconut pudding was not too sweet, and was complemented well by the tangy mango and juicy lychees.  The toasted almonds added texture.  I didn't taste much of the kaffir lime but I liked this dessert.  

Keeping to tradition, Twenty and Six puts up beautiful looking food and we both liked the new menu items but couldn't help but wish they still had the beautiful Balinese Sticky Rice and The Hunter from the old menu.

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  1. I enjoyed the tapioca pudding on my last visit to Twenty & Six, but now that I've seen your photos I'll be sure to order the brioche French toast next time!

    1. Hope you like it as much as we did :)