Axil Coffee Roasters

322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn 3122
Date visited: 26th April 2014

MerlinFan and I came a little too late it seems.  We were  drooling over photos of the red velvet pancakes with black sesame ice cream and cream cheese ganache on Urbanspoon and Instagram, so we decided to pay a visit today.  Now, MerlinFan did point out she noted on Axil's social media a mention that they rolled out a new menu recently, but we crossed our fingers and hoped the pancakes would be a permanent addition.  It wasn't =(

Anyhoo, MerlinFan and I got there around noon, and there was a little wait of about ten minutes, nothing to complain about.  We got our seats I'm sure before then.

I loved the ambiance of Axil, with hanging yellow lights and the opened warehouse ceiling - very cosy on a drizzly day. 

We couldn't come to a roasting house and not have coffees.  I had a Cappuccino and MerlinFan had her Latte.  Happy with both.

Latte & cappuccino
I was in the mood for something savoury with poached eggs, so I chose the Taleggio croquettes with ham hock, pea puree, poached eggs and hollandaise.  

Croquettes with ham hock, pea puree, poached eggs and hollandaise $20
The eggs were perfectly poached, the yolk running down like a river of liquid gold.  I love anything with cheese, and the Taleggio croquettes were soft on the inside and crispy on the outside - yum.  The shredded chunks of ham hock elevated the dish with their salty, distinctive taste.  Even MerlinFan, who doesn't even like ham, really enjoyed the hock.  I believe she has now become a convert.  Almost.

As I mentioned, the red velvet pancakes were no longer on the menu, but fear not, Axil has added several mouthwatering sweet brekkies for those who insist on having dessert for breakfast.  MerlinFan honed in on the Waffles with peanut butter parfait, banana, dark chocolate and candied popcorn.  Anything with peanut butter and banana ticks MerlinFan's boxes - if it wasn't that, it was definitely the candied popcorn.

Waffles with peanut butter parfait, banana, dark chocolate and candied popcorn $17.50
The waffles were on the thin side, but they were crispy.  The parfait was smooth, creamy and had a good hit of peanut butter.  Neither of us were a fan of the dark chocolate - perhaps it was there to balance out the sweetness of the dish.  MerlinFan's favourite element was of course, the candied popcorn hands down.

Overall, service was efficient and timely.  The food was on the pricey side and sizes of the dishes weren't huge but quality was good, so we weren't complaining.  We also saw that they were opening a partner cafe on Flinders Lane next month:

Will definitely pay them a visit.  

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