Cafe Vue at 401

401 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Date visited: 17th April 2014

This is such a belated visit.  We had wanted to visit Cafe Vue for ages, after MerlinFan visited the one at Melbourne International Airport when her flight was delayed back in April 2012 (how time flies!).  We were even more motivated to visit after our most enjoyable visit to Vue de monde just a couple of months back, so when we happened to be on St Kilda Road on the day, we dropped by for a quick lunch.

I had a Mocha.  My mocha was a bit milky and acidic, with a faint chocolate aftertaste, made me wish I got a cappuccino instead.

MerlinFan enjoyed her Latte.

Sorry, but this is yet another burger post.

I had the Blackmore Wagyu beef burger, bacon and house fries.  This burger was surprisingly mediocre at best.  Despite a nice meaty flavour, the patty was under seasoned.  The bacon and cheese didn't add much to to the burger either and left us feeling incredibly underwhelmed.  If anything the chips were good - crispy and perfectly salted.

Blackmore Wagyu beef burger $19
MerlinFan had the Barramundi burger with house fries.  The fried barramundi unfortunately was the same - although nicely crispy, lacked seasoning.  MerlinFan also asked, where's the sauce???  She felt the burger was overly dry, literally a piece of fish, leaves and two halves of a bun speared by a little wooden stick.  She ended up slathering her burger with the tomato sauce.

Barramundi burger with house fries $15
I was so unmotivated to write this post as this would probably be one of least inspiring brunch experiences we've had in a while.  Although service was prompt and efficient enough, we had expected great things from this place and were admittedly disappointed and underwhelmed.

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