Choi Palace

387 Clayton Rd, Clayton
Date visited: 25th April 2014

We just got back from our trip to Bright and Beechworth - it was 6pm and AS suggested a spot her friends brought her the other day.  Off we headed down to Clayton for some good ol' Chinese.

We were given complimentary hot tea and soup.  Perfect on a cool night.

AS had the Egg noodles and wonton soup which she had the other day.  MerlinFan and I shared the same and a second dish.  

Egg noodles with wonton
There was a generous number of flavoursome, soft skinned wontons (oh how MerlinFan and I detest tough, thick wonton skin) piled onto egg noodles that still had a little bit of bite.  The soup itself could use a tad more seasoning, but AS liked it as it wasn't overly salty for her taste.

Our other dish was the Rice noodles with beef and egg gravy.  The sauce was eggy and salty, yummy with tender beef slices.  Nothing to complain about.

Overall, we were pretty happy with the dishes we had and the reasonable prices we paid for them.  I can't say much for ambiance of the slightly gloomy interior, but service was adequate and polite enough.

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