Bowery to Williamsburg Revisited

16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne
Date visited: 12th April 2014

Another revisit post.  Last time MerlinFan and I went for brekkie, now we came for lunch.  I still had the Challah French Toast and peanut butter hot chocolate yet to try, so off we went again, to Bowery for the second time.

MerlinFan had her Ice Coffee with whipped cream.

Ice coffee
I had what I planned to have, the Peanut butter hot chocolate.  This was not as rich or thick as I expected - quite light, laced with the taste of peanuts.  I melted my Reese's buttercup in it XP

Peanut butter hot chocolate
MerlinFan had the Southern style biscuits with sausage gravy and poached eggs.  We loved the rich, salty sausage gravy.  Paired with the oozing yolk from the perfectly poached eggs and Southern style biscuits, this was a yummy and filling dish.  

Southern style biscuits
One of the specials was the PB&J Challah French toast with peanut butter parfait and strawberry salad.  I love all things peanut butter, so I had to get this.  And yes, you heard right.  I had peanut butter hot chocolate and PB&J French toast.

The peanut butter parfait was definitely the star here - it was divine.  The Challah French toast was delicious too, paired nicely with the sweet-sour strawberries to cut through that richness.  Gorgeous dish.

Service was quick and friendly, and I was eying the meatballs and pretzels and mac & cheese going out to my neighbours.  There's always an excuse to return.

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