Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

19-21 Leveson St, North Melbourne Vic
Date visited: 15th June 2014

We caught up with SM today for Sunday brunch.  As we all know, there is certainly no shortage of brunch spots to explore around the CBD, especially in North Melbourne.  SM has been to Di Bella Roasting Warehouse before so it wasn't a difficult decision.  

When I went to put my name down, I was told there were a few people before us so it was going to be about 20 minutes, but that was okay.  After a little while, I heard my name being called but strangely enough some other people rushed in before me.  Wasn't quite sure if there was someone else with the same name, but I went to ask and there was some mix up apparently.  Anyway, the front of the house efficiently got us a table within minutes at the cosy little bricked up area around the back, complete with fake grass and a skylight overhead.

MerlinFan had her Latte, SM had her Soy Mocha and I had my Cappuccino.  Very happy with the coffees.  Smooth and full, with not much acidity or bitterness.

SM had the Beef Short Rib Roll with a side of crinkled chips.  The beef in the roll was coated in a sticky sauce which SM said was on the sweet side, as well as slaw.  She was happy with it.

Beef short rib roll
I chose the Crispy Pork Jowl with Son in Law Egg, Pork sauce and Cime di Rapa.  The pork jowl came unexpectedly in a compact fried bar and was not quite as crispy as I expected.  I would have loved to cut into the son in law eggs and watch the yolk ooze out, but they were already cut into halves.  They were nicely runny in the middle with bright orange yolks.  The greens were tangy to cut through the richness.

MerlinFan had the Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough and added a Pork and Herb Sausage.  

I had food envy the moment the waitress put the plate on the table.  Who would have thought the humble scrambled eggs would have been dish of the day.  Soft, moist folds of smoking hot, creamy scrambled eggs - yum!  MerlinFan got the pork sausage as well, which she felt was a bit dry and said later that she didn't even need it because the scrambled eggs were that damn good she would have been content eating it on its own.

Another photo of our dream scrambled eggs in all its golden goodness:

Anyway, we enjoyed our visit to Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse.  Would happily return for the coffee and scrambled eggs.

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