480 Bridge Rd, Richmond
Date visited: 14th June 2014

Plan A was to have brunch at Cumulus.  Getting there just after 11am, we were greeted by a line of people crowded at the door and a little wait before a staff member came and informed us that there was no table available until at least noon, and by then, breakfast was no longer being served.  Now, having so many brunch spots on our wish list, this was really no biggie, just a change in plan.  And that was how we ended up going to Touchwood, another cafe on my must-visit list.

It was packed to the rafters when we arrived, cueing another heart-sink moment, however if we didn't want to wait for tables insides, there were tables available outside.  We were rugged up warm and ready to brave the cold, so we took up the offer.  The shaded courtyard was actually very pleasant albeit chilly, a much better spot in the warmer months no doubt.

We were given our menus and had our coffee orders taken in no time.  There was quite a lull before our food orders were taken, but that was okay - MerlinFan had a really hard time deciding what dish she wanted as there were quite a few that stood out for us.

I had a Cappuccino and MerlinFan had her Latte.  The coffee was smooth but a tad bitter with a touch of acidity.  I have stopped putting sugar in my coffee nowadays as I feel it detracts from the flavour, but today I did.

It did take quite a while for the food to arrive.  I was sold by the House made baked beans with mushrooms, goats cheese, a poached egg and toast.  I added Bacon for $3.

House made baked beans $16, Bacon $3
I had a bowl of fat baked beans, interspersed with earthy mushrooms, clouds of tangy goats cheese and salty bacon.  The egg was nicely poached, although I would have been happy with less beans in exchange of two eggs for the oozy yolk to go with the sauce - would have been my ideal.  Loved the slice of crunchy sourdough toast.

MerlinFan debated between the Chilli Scrambled Eggs or the Sticky Coconut Quinoa Pudding with Seasoned Fruits, Pistachios - in the end her sweet tooth prevailed and she got the latter.

Sticky coconut quinoa pudding $14 

Loved the vibrant colours!  The coconut and quinoa pudding was sweet and had a nice texture.  It was accompanied well with the peaches, pears, blueberries and strawberries.  MerlinFan enjoyed it but the only downside was that this was served cold, so after a few bites, especially in the chilly dreary morning, MerlinFan's teeth were literally clattering!  LOL.  Perhaps something warm might have been the better option!

Overall, service was a bit slow, but food was good and staff efficient and friendly.

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