Sung's Kitchen

118 Franklin St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 29th June 2014

AS, MerlinFan and I decided to try Sung's Kitchen on a spur of the moment this freezing, blustery winter night.  I walk by Sung's Kitchen every time I go to get my cat's supplies from Upmarket Pets around the corner, but have never stopped to try it.

The staff greeted us at the door and were incredibly attentive from the get go.  We were in the mood for soup, so AS and MerlinFan chose the Chicken and Wonton Soup, which our waiter said was a nice winter warmer.  We all really enjoyed the soup - steaming hot, fragrant with the sweetness of the chicken - just what we needed on a cold night. 

Chicken soup with wonton $32
I'm usually not a crab-eater, so this next dish was mainly for AS and MerlinFan - Chilli crab.   You could have snow crab (softer shell and sweeter meat) or mud crab (firmer flesh) - my dining buddies opted for the latter, which was $30 for 1kg - our crab was 2.5kg >:D.  You could add steamed bun or noodles - we had noodles.  

Chilli mud crab $75 with noodles $6

AS and MerlinFan both loved this too.  Even I couldn't resist and tried a few segments myself.  The crab was huge and meaty - the flesh was soft and spicy food lovers would be glad to know they didn't hold back on the chilli - it sure packed a fiery punch.  MerlinFan made me take this photo of her holding up this big boy's huge pincer.

Sorry mate, she's gonna eat you
We also couldn't say no to the Deep Fried Chicken Ribs with Salted Eggs.  The ribs were tender and crispy with a generous, golden coating of salted duck eggs.  Now, I know it doesn't look very appetising in my grainy iPhone photo but it sure was yummy.

Salted egg chicken ribs $25
We couldn't finish and had to take away our leftovers but we couldn't resist dessert.  We always have a second stomach for dessert - just two to share between the three of us.

We had the Black Glutinous Rice with Sea Coconut.  This was served hot.  Delicious.  Wished there was more glutinous rice in the soup.

Black glutinous rice $8
This last dish made my night.  We were crossing our fingers that the Typical Shanghai Red Bean Pancake was what we were hoping it would be and it was!  One of my favourite Asian desserts - back home, we would usually order it at Chinese restaurants after we finished our main meals.  It usually is a thin, flat, rectangular pancake filled with red bean paste and cut into smaller rectangular pieces for sharing.  This one was crispy and flaky like the one at one of my favourite restaurants back home.  Haven't had one of these in two years and certainly first time in Melbourne, so I was very happy!  Oh, the nostalgia!

Red bean pancake $10.50
Overall, we had a pleasant evening and a very satisfying meal.  Prices are slightly higher than your everyday Chinatown cheap eat, but portion sizes are good and you also get more than your average service and venue.  Staff were helpful and efficient, ready to fill your drinks and change your plates without prompting.  Bonus?  I know now where to go when I miss my favourite red bean pancake.

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