Sushi Hon

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Upper Food Court, Emporium, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Date visited: 1st & 8th June 2014

Whoever has visited the Emporium Foodcourt has seen the evilly tempting, colourful sushi train going round and round at Sushi Hon.  Every single time, it's packed with people queueing up to get a seat. 

I was eying it for weeks, however, unfortunately for me, MerlinFan is not a huge fan of sushi (sometimes hard to believe we're related), so I decided to get the packaged sushi box whilst Miss Burger and Fries got her burger and fries from Charlie & Co. 

My choice of the day was the Jumping Box.

Jumping Box $12
At $12, this was certainly not the cheapest sushi around, but it sure was delicious.  Loved the fresh, quality ingredients.  I savoured every morsel on my tray - salivating just writing this up.

I returned the next week and had their Red Salmon Box.

Salmon Box $10

This too I loved.  Topped with melt-in-your-mouth sear-grilled salmon, and slathered with teriyaki sauce and sweet Kewpie mayonnaise, this was rich and indulgent.

MerlinFan had the Chilli Chicken Bento.  The portion size was reasonable, and MerlinFan enjoyed everything on it, although being a bento, it was obviously pre-prepared, so the chicken was only warm and the skin no longer crispy.

Chilli Chicken Bento
Overall I absolutely loved the takeaway boxes I got.  They also have other offerings like hand rolls, small rolls, nigiri and other bentos.  Now, if only I can convince MerlinFan to partake in the sushi train...

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  1. $10-12 for a snack probably isn't a great idea. Safeway has a sushi bar just a block away at QV and have set boxes with more pieces for that price.

    1. Agreed - on the pricey side, and undoubtedly even more so for the sushi train. Although if you think about it, simple brunches in Melbourne cost at least that as well. And hey, it's in the upmarket Emporium so I have no doubt the people who can shop there can probably afford it too!