8 Droop St, Footscray Melbourne 3011
Date visited: 8th November 2014

Finally!  Am horribly backlogged with entries for a few weeks ago.  Third and final exam done and dusted, I'm now ready to catch up with the good ol' food adventures.

I've had my eye on 8bit for quite some time now.  We were craving burgers yet again, so MerlinFan and I made a trip down to Footscray one scorching hot Saturday for some chow.  Driving there was such a mistake, because there was no free parking in sight!  Being cheapos, we circled around for a little while before realising that the parking fee was actually pretty affordable.  Our bad.

8bit has beef and chicken burgers, a mushroom burger, hotdogs and beer battered fries with toppings.  How good does that sound?  Their milkshakes (salted caramel, peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate bar shake anyone?) sounded amazing too, but it was ridiculously hot, so we were more in a soft drink mood.

We were greeted by 80s video games inspired decor and memorabilia as we made our orders at the counter.  Cute.  We got a couple of seats at the counter over looking the kitchen.  Staff were friendly and efficient, seemed to be having a good time.  Our food came out in no time.  

We just had to try the Chilli cheese fries, which were beer battered fries, chilli beef, cheese sauce, jalapeños and spring onions.   As nice as it looked, the wet toppings rendered the fries soggy far too quickly.  In truth, the fries may have already been that way to begin with - even the ones that weren't covered in sauce lacked any sort of crispness.  The chilli beef and jalapeños also didn't pack a spicy punch at all.  A bit disappointed.

Chilli cheese fries $7.50
We both went for the 8bit with cheese.  I added bacon for $1.  The burger was nicely wrapped and perched in a cute cardboard box, ready to be lifted out, its wrapper peeled back for convenient eating.  Nice.  I liked how the bun held its shape and didn't fall apart even toward the end, and how the cheese was just melted upon the beef.  The patty itself had good flavour, however was really thin in comparison to the bun and seemed lost amongst the tomato, lettuce, red onion, cheese, pickles, and heaps of mustard and 8bit sauce.   

Burger joints have stiff competition when it comes to Melbourne.  8bit has shown that it can stand its own - personally, their burger ticked all the right boxes flavour-wise, but would have been great instead of good had the patty been just a tad bit thicker.  

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