Mr Hendricks Cafe

469 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn 3103
Date visited: 9th November 2014

Mr Hendricks is a relatively new Melbourne cafe, located out along the shopping strip of Whitehorse Road in Balwyn.  Parking was easy on the road, and we took it as a good sign already that there were quite a number of people waiting outside although we came for a semi-late lunch.  Don't you just love all day brunch!

After not too long a wait, we were shown inside.  Staff were friendly and pleasant, and our food and orders didn't take too long to arrive.  

Their coffees are from Padre, in their Mr Hendricks House Blend.  MerlinFan had her Latte and I had my Cappuccino.  Both were smooth and nutty - my cappuccino could have been just a tad stronger but I'm nitpicking.

MerlinFan had the Buttermilk fried chicken bap.  Delicious buttermilk fried chicken sitting atop a bed of cabbage and carrot salad, topped with picked cucumber and siracha mayonnaise.  It was faultless - MerlinFan really liked it.  She also got Rosemary fries to go with it.  Whereas MerlinFan found the rosemary too overpowering for her, I liked it, so I was happy to finish it off for her.  And I swear the chips tasted better and better the more you dug into the bottom of that mound of crispy fried goodness!

Buttermilk fried chicken bap $15, Rosemary fries $3.50
I knew what I was going to order before I even came.  Yes, it was their signature Crispy Eggs.  This dish was simply amazing.  The eggs were soft boiled on the inside and covered by a shell of deep fried panko breadcrumbs.  Cut into it and out gushed a golden flood of yolk - perfection.  The sweet potato puree gave it another burst of creamy sweetness, which just brought it to the next level.  Served with chunks of smoky, tender ham hock, crunchy sourdough slices, and a superfluously generous mountain of fennel, radish, red anion and candied walnuts, you've really got yourself a splendid breakfast.  One of the best I've had all year.

Crispy eggs $19
Overall, I'm very impressed with Mr Hendricks Cafe - the food was superb and I only wish it were closer to the CBD so I could visit more often!  Highly recommended.

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