Shortstop Coffee and Donuts

12 Sutherland St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 3rd November 2014

Monday blues.  Only I have none of that today, because my fantastic employers let me do a shift swap to get my Monday off due to Melbourne Cup holiday tomorrow, knowing that I live in Melbourne and work almost three hours away.  So, hooray for a long weekend for me!

I had no partner in crime today, but that was okay, I was prepared to do my own solo brekkie.  

Now, I've stalked Shortstop Coffee & Donuts for months, checking regularly when they would open, only to discover that they only opened on weekdays, which meant I couldn't visit as I was only back in Melbourne on the weekends.  Torturous, no?  But, since I was free today, I knew exactly where I was heading for my coffee and breakfast.  MerlinFan had her course so she couldn't come, but she didn't approve anyway... "donuts are not breakfast" she said prissily, but I beg to differ.  Anyway, if I go too late they might be sold out!

It was just after 9am, so there were no other customers and I had a good pick of goodies from the glass display cabinet. 

Now, Shortstop really is like a hole in the wall donut stop (albeit a very cute one) and there were only two small tables and some seats along the wall, so I was glad I was there early and got a table to myself.  I happily settled with my Market Lane coffee, which was smooth and faultless.

White coffee
If you're wondering, no, I did not eat all three donuts in the photo below!!!  I got a civilised one, with two more donuts for later (to share with MerlinFan, of course).  I just wanted to take a photo of them before they potentially got mushed on the way home.

I chose the Peanut butter and jam donut to have this morning.  I bit into the fluffiest, pillowy soft doughnut coated with rich, chunky peanut butter icing.  God knows I love anything peanut butter, and I get disappointed sometimes when peanut butter flavoured things are too thin or not creamy enough.  This was certainly not the case!  The icing was like eating chunky peanut butter from the jar (I used to eat it on the spoon as a kid!) - fantastic.  There was also a generous amount of tangy jam crammed into a small doughnut.  Messy, but finger lickin' good.

Peanut butter and jam $5

I really wanted to try their Cruller but they didn't have any at the time.  Anyway, the other two I got for home were the Red Velvet and Earl Grey.

The Red Velvet was a 'cake donut' which was denser than the fluffy filled donut.  It was filled with cream cheese icing and dipped in a dark chocolate glaze which made it not overly sweet.  Pretty good, but I can't get over my eternal love for red velvet cupcakes.

Red velvet $4.50
Last but not least was the Earl Grey and Rose.  To be honest, I don't even drink Earl Grey because I find it too flowery and the bergamot too overpowering for a tea, but I couldn't resist this pretty donut dotted with rose petals.  And you know what?  It was divine.  This dough too was denser and cake-like, fragrant with Earl Grey tea and then injected with lemon myrtle.  The donut is then dipped into a rose water and rose petal icing - I love rose water and this was inspired.  Such a delicate and beautiful balance of flavour.

Earl grey and rose $4.50
I have been waiting for ages to try Shortstop Donuts and I have to say they certainly lived up to expectations!  I can see why they are sold out by lunchtime - awesome donuts and coffee.  Definitely will be back to try their other goodies - now, if only they also opened on weekends... would love to be able to get my donut fix then too.

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