Ribs and Burgers

Shop 1/ 862 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, Vic 3122
Date visited: 1st November 2014

I hate Jamie Oliver!  No, not really - but I keep watching his shows and his amazing burgers make my stomach growl and crave burgers right after dinner.  Evil, I know.  

MerlinFan and I were in Hawthorn today, so we made plans to pop by to Ribs & Burgers for an early lunch.  

It was still pretty quiet when we arrived.  We perused the menu at the front counter, then ordered and headed inside, where the staff said we could sit wherever we wanted.  The interior was very cosy, with shiny wooden floors, bar stools and booth seats which I love.

We were also given our own bucket of condiments and cutlery.

Our food didn't take long at all to arrive.  We decided to get ribs and a burger to share.  MerlinFan chose the Cheese burger.

Cheese burger $12
We split the burger in half.  Look at the juicy pink patty.  Now you're laughin'.

The beef mince patty was grilled and basted, topped off with iceberg lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles and their pink and BBQ sauce.  You could choose Swiss or American cheese - we opted for the latter.  The sesame seed bun soaked up the juices nicely too without becoming too soggy.

Next up was the Pork ribs

Now you could choose from chips or cabbage salad - are you kidding me, of course we were having chips.  The ribs were marinated and slow cooked for eight hours, grilled and caramelised with their secret basting.  They were juicy and full of flavour, easily peeled off the bone.  And those crunchy chips - they were awesome!

A nice spot for a quick, fuss-free meal for carnivores.  

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