Baker's Delight

Shop 23G Pran Central Shopping Centre, Corner Chapel St & Commercial Rd, Prahran 3181
Date visited: 10th June 2012

My family's all time favourite bakery is the one in Pran Central.  They always have perfectly baked bread and beautiful pastries and sweet goodies to tempt your sweet tooth.

Berry and White Choc Scone

Scone with blueberries and white chocolate chips.  It came in a pack of four.  We wanted two of the Berry & Choc and two of the Apple Strudel scones - the guy at the counter and us were fooled into thinking this was a mixed pack with two of each, but when we got home we discovered it was actually four of the Berry & Chocs, only that two of them looked like Apple Strudel ones because their blueberry sides were hidden in the middle.  

It was no matter though, because the Berry & Chocs were fantastic.  Light and fluffy but soft and moist in the parts with the heaps of blueberries.  Amazing with jam and butter, (it was such a pity we didn't have cream!) we couldn't stop at one and totally ruined dinnertime.

Apple and Walnut Scroll
An all-time favourite.  The soft scroll is packed full of fresh, moist apple chunks (YUM) and topped with sweet icing sugar and crunchy walnuts.

Blueberry Danish Lattice
Yes, I love blueberry pastries!  Flaky pastry with custard and sweet blueberry filling, covered with icing sugar.

All these goodies are a perfect afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee :D


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