Rose Garden

435 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Date visited: 16th June 2012

Most people in Melbourne and international students, no doubt will have visited Rose Garden once during their time here.  I got hooked to Rose Garden's spicy fried chicken ribs after trying some that were served at a relative's party some years ago.  

The exterior of Rose Garden is very unassuming.  The interior decor is plain and there is nothing fancy about the ambiance, which means people are all here for the food.  The place is always packed and there is always a line and a wait for a table especially around noon, so we tend to come for late lunch/ dinners or takeaway instead.

Service is brisk, and food comes out ridiculously fast once you've placed your order.

The dishes are affordable and I like how they have a list of their top 10 best dishes.  These include the spicy chicken ribs and the spicy green beans with minced chicken.  You can have these with rice, or without, which costs a bit more because that means you get more of each portion.  We usually have the fried rice and the spicy chicken ribs.
I love the spicy chicken ribs!  Really crispy and spicy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside.  You can never just have one rib - they're that good - we bought two portions (split into three containers) to share amongst the three of us.
The spicy green beans with minced chicken are delicious too, although we didn't have it today.  Go and try them for yourself - if you haven't tried them, you don't know what you're missing.

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