Thanh Nga Nine

160 Victoria St, Richmond 3121
Date visited: 10th June 2012

We were in Richmond visiting the Abbotsford Daiso, and was wandering around looking for a place for a late lunch when we passed by Thanh Nga Nine.  A bowl of hot pho sounded like the way to go on a rainy, freezing afternoon, so in we herded.
It was still busy even at 2.30pm.  Service was super slow at taking our orders - we didn't really mind because it was our first time here and they had a huge range of food on their menu with interesting looking drinks and desserts but we had to flag someone down in the end.  
Garnishing for the pho
All of us had one kind of pho or the other.  The waiter who brought out the first dish had no idea which one he was serving so we had to figure it out for ourselves.  It turned out to be AS' spicy pho, which had chilli oil on top.
Pho bo hue (spicy) $9.00
Mum had the combination/ special pho. 
Pho dac biet (special) $9.50
 MerlinFan had the pho with beef and beef balls.
Pho tai (beef) $8.50
Although the beef was tender, the beef balls were tiny and there wasn't a lot of it at all.

I had the chicken and beef pho.  There was a lot of chicken breast in it, but it was super tough, dry and overcooked. Having the chicken peeled into giant slices made it even harder to chomp on and I left it all behind in the end.  
Pho bo ga $8.50
The general consensus was that the pho was just ok.  The broth could have used more flavour, and that there was not enough meat in each dish.  Don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.

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