Spanish Doughnuts

9 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Date visited: 23rd June 2012

Had such a craving for spanish doughnuts after happening to see Chef Miguel Mastre screaming about his churros with his special"choco-la-tte" sauce yesterday on The Living Room.  

It's been a long time since we've had churros.  Churros are long strands of fried dough pastry piped with a star-shaped nozzle.  They are served with icing sugar, with chocolate dipping sauce.

My all time favourite place to have churros is the Spanish Doughnut truck at Queen Vic market.  Hot and crunchy right out of the fryer and sprinkled with sugar - just heaven.  I've had the ones at Chocolateria San Churro at Docklands years ago, and I don't see why so many people like them - was totally disappointed that the churro was doughy and not as crispy.

Today we decided to try Spanish Doughnuts, which is a store Mum has been eying for some time now LOL.  I passed the store at Flinders Street Station every day last year too, and had been ogling the curious display of colourful doughnuts evilly beckoning me into temptation...

We had the original churros as well as the Churro Loops (covered in milk and white chocolate).  Of course we couldn't not try the Bombon Churros, which are churros encased in a shell of chocolate with fillings.  Our motto?  When in doubt, try 'em all!
Original churro
I don't know about you, but my favourite way to have churros would have to be the original doughnut sprinkled with icing sugar with or without dipping sauce.  Really crispy and light, it was as good as the ones at Queen Vic.  They taste best hot and crunchy.

I also really liked the Loop Churro covered in chocolate.  The churro inside was preserved in its crisp goodness =D
Of all the bombons, the one with peanut butter filling was my favourite.  Then again, I love peanut butter so I'm happy with anything peanut-buttery!  Still, I prefer the non-filled churro over the bombons.  The bombons were a bit on the heavy side, and the filling made the inside of the doughnut slightly wet, so the crispiness of the dough was not preserved and you just didn't get that satisfying light crunch as you bite into it.  And I like my churro hot.
From left: Peanut butter, Coconut with strawberry filling, Triple choc
For any churro lover, you'll be spoilt for choice with plain churros and other more sinful goodies.  It'll be sure to satisfy anyone's doughnut and chocolate cravings.

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