Wood 'n Chimney

Shop 302, Melbourne Central 211, Latrobe St Melbourne
Date visited: 2nd June 2012

Wood 'n Chimney is located in Melbourne Central where the old Groove Train used to be.  We saw it the other day while buying movie tickets at Hoyts and decided to check it out today.

The interior is warm, with wood furnishings and dim lighting.  

We weren't super hungry, and creamy pasta tends to fill you up so we decided to order two dishes to share between the three of us.

We had the Chicken Risotto with pumpkin, caramelised onion and spinach.  The risotto was perfectly done, very rich and creamy.  The sauce was flavoursome and perfectly seasoned - there was a hint of curry to it, which was unexpected but nice.  Mum really enjoyed it and was raving about it later.
Chicken Risotto $20
We also had one of the specials, the Lamb Shank.  It came served with roquette, mash, potatoes and carrots.  The lamb was quite tender but not fall off the bone.  It did not reek of the 'lamb-y' (or should I say gamey?) stench, but the shank was quite fatty and didn't have a lot of meat.  The flavour of the sauce was intense - it was extremely salty and tangy at once, literally like a punch of flavour to the senses.  We love salt so we all liked it, but it might be overly salty for some.  I really enjoyed the mash as well - it had some chunks of potato in it which is how I like my mash, and had a buttery taste and texture at the corners.
Lamb shank $24.50
Of note, the pizzas there were thin-crust and looked and smelled really nice as they were served to other tables - I regretted not ordering one ;P

Overall, a bit pricey but the portions are pretty big.  Loads of flavour in each dish, so if you don't like salty food or have a more delicate palate, this might not be the place for you.  I'd come back to try the pizza and the tortellini or duck risotto.

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