D'Lish Fish

105 Beach St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Date visited: 25th November 2012

D'Lish Fish is strategically located on Port Phillip Bay, near the station pier.  We have been frequenting D'Lish Fish for years, even back when it used to be owned by Rex Hunt, the Australian TV and radio personality.  It has now been taken over by new management, however the quality of the fish and chips has remained good despite the change of hands.

D'Lish fish offers fresh quality ingredients, and have lunch packs that feature fish and chips, seafood, salads and other random favourites (fancy Dim Sim???).  View their menu here.

We had our orders taken at the counter from a girl who seemed to have a frown permanently etched onto her face.  Service with a smile seems a rarity nowadays.

You get a number and wait for it to be called.  

There was a small seating area inside.
There were more tables outside with protective glass wind barriers and big umbrellas.  It was quite windy, and although you can't see in this photo, there was actually quite a big gap at the bottom of the glass barriers so the wind still came billowing in - a bit annoying especially when you have napkins and plastic cutlery.
We also had free humping bug porn on our table.   
Some tables freed up inside, so we hastily rushed in.

We had three fried flakes, 1/2 kilo of chips and tartare sauce.
Flake $6.20 each
1/2 Kilo box of chips $5.50
The flake was wonderfully fresh with no hint of fishiness, perfectly cooked inside and coated with a crisp, light batter.  Delicious.  The chips were burning hot right out of the fryer, but otherwise exceptionally ordinary.  We added our own salt.
We also had their House made Tartar sauce, which was creamy and delicious.  They took the receipt in the end, so I'm not quite sure how much it costed.

Our drink
No doubt, D'Lish Fish is not the cheapest fish and chippery out there, but it will always be one of our favourite, reliable haunts for good quality, fresh fish.
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