Wonderbao Revisited

Ooh, it smells so good!
Shop 4/19-37 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 24th November 2012

MerlinFan is back, so I dropped by Wonderbao for some takeaway baos for a quick lunch.  I took a photo of the discreet glass doors beside We Cafe, leading to Wonderbao at the end.

Entrance to Wonderbao from A'Beckett St
I really wanted to try their Char Siu Bao, Da Chicken Bao and Taro Bao.  It was probably only half an hour after their opening time on a Saturday, but they were already sold out of the Taro Baos!  Boo.
I got myself a warm soya milk.  Not a great idea, as it was 30 degrees and the coffee-style paper cup was burning my hand.  It was pretty good, though, silky smooth and not grainy at all.  I like my drinks sweet, so I thought it could have used a bit more sugar.
Warm soya milk $2.80
I got only three baos today.  MerlinFan only wanted to "sample" them as her burrito yesterday didn't quite agree with her.  You get the picture.  

Today's stash: 
Clockwise from top left: Nao Wong bao, Da Chicken Bao, Char Siu Bao and sad empty spot where the Taro bao would have been.
The filling of the Char Siu Bao was quite little compared to the thickness of the bao.  The char siu was more sweet rather than savoury, but had enough bite and texture in proportion to the sauce.  Again, although the bao skin was quite thick, I like their soft, fluffy, slightly sweet bao skin, so I quite enjoyed it.
Char siu bao $2.00
The Da Chicken Bao was similar to the Da Pork Bao, although I preferred the latter.  To me, the Chicken Bao was lighter on the seasoning department, and slightly less salty, probably because it didn't have the Chinese sausage in it.  Like the Pork version, we liked the crunch of water chestnuts and the egg slice and mushroom.
Da Chicken Bao $3.20
Bought a Nai Wong Bao for MerlinFan.  She liked it.  If you compare it with the bao I had in my first visit, (sorry, threw those pics into the recycle bin and was too lazy to search for them and repost) you can see that the bao skin was much thinner today than it was the other time.
Nai Wong Bao $1.70
Nice baos.  Prices are not bad too, especially the man-sized Da Baos which really are Da.  Need to come back and try those Taro Baos.


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