The Little Royal - A photo only post

Okay, there is no food review here, only photos.  

Was making our way through the beautiful Royal Arcade on our way back from lunch at De Alleyway, when I got distracted by the gorgeous macaron towers on display at The Little Royal kiosk.  Just had sweets for lunch, so I wasn't particularly in the mood to buy second dessert - however the macarons were so gorgeous I couldn't resist photographing them.

Eiffel Tower
X'mas Theme
This was a gorgeous Christmas inspired red, green and gold macaron tower.  The macarons were actually glittery.  Pity my point and shoot didn't quite capture the sparkwing.

I'm such a sucker for cute and pretty things, I took photos like the tourists.  LOL.

Beautiful royal arcade all dressed up for X'mas


  1. I was attracted by the appearance of this display too. But the taste of the macaron was not as good as I expected.

    1. A good thing I wasn't in a macaron mood that day, then!