Koko Black

335 Bourke St, Royal Arcade Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 8th November 2012

Koko Black is one of many chocolate salons you can find in Melbourne.  Having visited the branches at Collins St and Carlton, MerlinFan and I headed to their salon in the historic Royal Arcade.

From a display case of beautiful handmade chocolates, guilty-as-sin desserts to hot and cold beverages of milk, dark and white chocolate, Koko Black has something for everyone.  View the menu here.

I had an Iced Tea infused with mint and strawberries.  Very refreshing on a warm, balmy day.
Iced tea $5.50
Spring's here, so what better to order than their Spring Spoil, which was a dessert platter of salted caramel ice cream, chocolate mousse, two pralines, Graham crackers coated in chocolate and their caramel chocolate délice. 
Spring Spoil $13.50
Salted caramel ice cream
The ice cream came with a sliver of milk chocolate.  The saltiness of the caramel really came through after the rich sweetness of the other chocolates.
Chocolate mousse
Thick, rich and indulgent.  
Caramel milk chocolate délice, chocolate coated Graham crackers, two pralines
The caramel milk chocolate délice was a beautiful creation.  Milk chocolate and caramel - that combination can never go wrong in my books.  The mousse was velvety smooth and the chocolate base gave it a nice crunch for texture.

If we had emerged with a few missing teeth, it would have been because we cracked them trying to bite into the Graham crackers, not from accelerated tooth cavities.  Jaw-breaking crunch aside, it was a simple yet enjoyable treat.

We had two pralines - the Caramel Mousse and Salted Caramel Dark.  I'm not usually a big fan of dark chocolate but the gooey, stickiness of the caramel and the prickles of saltiness that blossomed your tongue after the chocolate melted was delightful.

Koko Black is by far not the cheapest chocolate salon around, and another peeve for me was that their machine did not accept Salary Packaging cards (the cashier tried, twice).  Boo.  Having said that, it's always a reliable place to sit down and relax once in a blue moon to indulge your chocolate cravings.

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