Max Brenner Melbourne Central 2

Shop 0E5, Menzies Alley, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre,
300 Latrobe St, Melbourne 3000.

Date visited: 18th November 2012

What I love most about Melbourne is the fact that there is no shortage of places to eat.  Doesn't matter what you've been craving - cuisine from different countries, coffees, cakes and chocolate.  If there's one thing we have no shortage of in the CBD, it's chocolate salons.

Max Brenner, as I mentioned in a previous post, has been one of our favourites for years.  Today, after a quick lunch at Kotaraya, we decided to stop by for some chocolate and coffee.

I had their Milk Chocolate Mocha which came in this cute pod-like cup.  The mocha itself was not too thick, of a rather nice consistency.  As expected it tasted more chocolate, with the slight astringency of coffee coming through.  Usually I prefer my coffee thick rather than watery, but because we were about to indulge in chocolate desserts there was the risk of chocolate overload, so this suited me just fine. 
Milk mocha $6
They didn't have straight up iced coffees, so I got a Cappuccino Frappe for AS.  I am guessing it tasted more chocolate than coffee, for she asked me straight away if it had chocolate in it.  LOL.  No complaints about it though, so it must have been good.
Cappuccino Frappe $7.60
We shared a Chocolate Souffle, which was Max Brenner's signature delight.  It was moist and soft and had a nice gooey, melted centre.  My only peeve was that I saw our souffle sitting on the counter for a little while before being served, so it wasn't particularly that warm when it arrived.
Chocolate Souffle $10
Oh, and the melted centre didn't quite ooze out like molten chocolate in my fantasies, but sat there suspended in the souffle like a mousse blob.  Oh well.  Tasted good still, though.  AS enjoyed it too.
MerlinFan is a terrible creature of habit, so she chose our all time favourite Tutti Frutti Waffle for us to share.  I have yet to find somewhere that makes waffles better than they do at the Bald Man's.
Tutti Frutti Waffles (two) $18.50


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