Lucky Cup and Tutti Frutti

Lucky Cup
Melbourne Central, Shop Lg 12, 211 Latrobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000.
Date visited: 24th November 2012

We stopped by at Melbourne Central for a pearl drink on the way home.  Chatime always looked tempting whenever I passed by, but the line outside was just ridiculous, so we decided to make our way downstairs to one of reliable our old haunts, Lucky Cup.  

Lucky Cup and us go way back - back to when it went by the name Happy Cup, when there used to be a shop just outside our apartment building during uni days when we still lived in Carlton.  MerlinFan and I used to duck downstairs or just pop in to get a pearl drink on the way home.  The nostalgia.
Lucky Cup at Melbourne Central
Check out Lucky Cup's flavours on their Facebook page.

MerlinFan had one of our old favourites, a Passionfruit Ice Fruit Drink with pearls (tapioca balls) and fruit jelly.  It was sweet and slightly tangy, and most of all, undiluted.  Pearls were perfectly done.
Passionfruit drink with pearls & jelly =)
Lucky Cup on Urbanspoon
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Tutti Frutti
Melbourne Central The Eatery, Shop Lg 13, 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Date visited: 24th November 2012

I, on the other hand, saw Tutti Frutti and couldn't resist. 

Buying from Tutti Frutti is easy - it's a self serve where you basically get to "build" your own FroYo creation.  This is how you do it:
1. Select cup size
2. Dispense Frozen Yogurt
3. Pick Favourite Toppings
4. Weigh and Pay

Easy, right?  

They usually have a rotating six out of their dozens of flavours to pick from.  Today, they had Green Tea, Taro, Blueberry, Peach, Death by Chocolate and TF Tart.  But buyers beware, it's $2.60 per 100g, so it can get pretty expensive depending on how greedy you are much you are willing to pay for frozen yogurt.
For sweet tooths and chocolate lovers =D
Gotta love the huge range of fruity toppings
I like how you get to mix as many flavours and add as many toppings as you wish and pay the amount based on weight, so you don't have to wonder if you're going to get the generous server or the meanie.  I chose the Peach and Blueberry froyo, with lychee popping bobba (pearls that just pop inside your mouth), coconut jelly and blueberry compote.  Funny, you can go with your friends and weigh your creations in the end to see who was the greediest.  Mine came up to $7.95 = somewhat a glutton.
The delightful flavours of the peach and blueberry yogurt, and the creaminess of the soft serve were a match made in heaven.  I loved the lychee popping bobba, juicy coconut jelly and the sweet and tangy blueberry compote - look, you can see actual blueberries in it, not some mushed sauce.

Tutti Frutti definitely hit all the right spots on a scorcher of a day.  However, it is definitely not cheap and I would expect to pay about $7-8 or more per visit - my cup was barely full and that was how much I paid, but it could easily be shared between two.  I'd come back to try the chocolate flavours with chocolate toppings.  We were saying as well, that if you were super frugal, maybe go for the lighter (literally) toppings like the mini marshmallows or something?  Just a thought.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt @ Melbourne Central on Urbanspoon
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  1. Oh dear heavens, do I see peanut butter cups as garnish? WANT AND NEED.

    1. Hi Hannah, yes, I gotta try those amazing toppings on the froyo too!