Shop 0E7 Menzies Alley, Little Lonsdale St
Date visited: 15th March 2012

Chillipadi and Chillipadi Indian are located next to one another, tucked away in the little laneway known as Menzies Alley (in the corner of Little Lonsdale and Elizabeth St).  MerlinFan and I come here when we feel like having some quick and tasty Asian food.

It was packed downstairs, so we were shown some tables upstairs.  

I had the bandung drink which consisted of milk and rose syrup with basil seeds.  Insanely sweet, which is how I love my Asian drinks - better insanely sweet (then it's perfect when the ice melts), rather than ripoff and diluted.

MerlinFan tried their Beef Watt Tan Hor, which was flat rice-noodles with bok-choy and silky smooth egg gravy.  The egg gravy was delicious - just the right amount of saltiness and flavouring.  The rice noodles were really silky (and not rubbery at all) and had a nice charred flavour that you find with authentic hawker stores/ Asian restaurants which can be difficult to duplicate.  The beef was also tender and flavoursome.
Beef Watt Ton Hor $12.90

I had the Thai Roast Duck Curry with lychee, pineapple, cherry tomatoes and steamed rice, which is what I usually have when I come here.  The duck curry here is not for the faint-hearted or the non-spicy food eater for it sure packs a spicy punch!  Especially today, my throat and palate was completely burning and every time I have it I tell myself OMG, never again, but I still keep coming back for more LOL.  What's there not to love, with the tender duck, juicy pineapples and sweet lychees all dunked in a rich, creamy, hot Thai curry soup?
Thai duck curry $15.90
All in all, Chillipadi is a great spot for good Asian food at reasonable prices - will keep coming back.

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