238 Little Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited:  3rd February 2012

For years, Kimurakan was one of those favourite places we used to visit and tended to gravitate back towards every once in a while.  Although the restaurant appears pretty simple and modest outside and in, Kimurakan does have a pretty good range of Japanese food at good prices and service is usually pretty speedy.  I have to say, we haven't been to Kimurakan as often as we used to, as the food consistency can vary at times, and the last couple of times we went we were slightly let down.  

My usual here, the one dish that keeps reeling me back in is the chicken katsu udon - thick noodles, in clear broth with mushrooms, seaweed and chicken.  The chicken is crispy and tender, the undersides soaking in the delicious miso-tasting soup.  Sometimes the soup can be incredibly salty, sometimes tasting a little watered down, but if you're lucky, perfect.
Chicken katsu udon
One of MerlinFan's favourite is the chicken katsu ramen.  Similar to the above, but with thin noodles, and enokitake mushrooms.  The broth is slightly different, has a more distinct mushroom flavour.
Chicken katsu ramen
I usually have the milk tea with pearl.  Sometimes its perfect, but on this particular visit, the pearls were hard in the middle and there was still undissolved sugar sitting at the bottom of the tea.

Kimurakan also has cheap bento boxes and lunch specials - despite the inconsistency, it will continue to be a place MerlinFan and I will frequent for many more years to come - just cross our fingers each time we go that they're having a good day.

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