Grill'd Melbourne Central

Lvl 3, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre,
300 Latrobe St, Melbourne 3000.
Date visited: 21st February 2012

MerlinFan and I came to Grill'd today after watching an episode of Man v. Food last night, featuring gigantic, super cheesy and juicy looking beef burgers  (Damn that Adam Richman, he couldn't find a better job!).  What better place to come than Grill'd for a damn good burger.

Now, I meant to do a post on Grill'd earlier but being the good food blogger that I am, forgot where I stored my burger pictures @_@  I couldn't for the life of me remember if it had been taken by my mobile, my camera or already transferred into my laptop.  

Grill'd promises to deliver a great tasting burger that's also healthy - they claim their burgers are 'Made with Love' - I've been to Grill'd at QV, Carlton (where I used to live) and now Melbourne Central (only because it's the closest for me) and all the burgers I've had have been consistently good.

To get my cheesy burger fix,  I had my 'usual'  Crispy Bacon & Cheese.  You can choose what kind of bun you want, and I usually go for the panini rather than the wholemeal, as I like the light, crispy feel to it.

Crispy bacon and cheese $10.90
Doesn't it just scream "Eat me?!"

This is one awesome burger!  It comes with crispy bacon, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.  The grilled beef is juicy, hot and has a wonderful smoky grilled flavour. I don't think it's the beef patty alone that does the trick though - the relish and herbed mayo brings it all to another level.  I always have mayo, relish and beef juices dripping down onto my plate, but never, never grease.  

MerlinFan's favourite is the Mighty Melbourne, which basically has everything in it, meaning lean beef, tasty cheese, bacon, free range egg, beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo.  Today she just wanted a classic cheeseburger, so she opted for the Simply Grill'd, which was beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo, adding cheese for $1.00, which she said totally satiated her cheesy beef burger craving.
Simply Grill'd $8.90
Chips are an absolute must have in any burger joint - a burger is never quite complete without chips in my book!

Their chips are amazing - thick cut (and cooked in cholesterol free oil too) and sprinkled with their herb mix, always comes tongue burningly hot which is how I like my fries.  You can get chip dips too, and MerlinFan and I have had a taste of the sweet chilli mayo dip the first time we came and have never settled for anything else since.  LOL

The burgers here are pretty good sized - I usually tackle it with a knife and fork - the only time I resolved to sinking my teeth into it was when MerlinFan and I came late, at almost 9.30pm for a late night dinner after her course and we had to wolf it down fast as Grill'd closes at 10pm.  We were still eating when the clock chimed downstairs but the nice Melb Central staff happily went about their cleaning and let us stay and finish our meal.  :) 

Grill'd easily has the best burgers in Melbourne - it is the burgers here I crave when I am away too long where I can never find a good ol' burger like this.  When friends and family come from overseas I bring them here too :)  

The burgers here are worth every cent you pay for it, and a bonus?  They're healthy so at least you won't leave feeling like you're on the way to a spot on the next Biggest Loser.

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