Secret Recipe

Store L03, Melbourne Central, 211 Latrobe St, Melbourne
Date visited: 8th March 2012

We came here to try the food as it's a Malaysian franchise and I wanted to see how the branch here would compare.  Was appalled by the shit non-existent service.  The place wasn't even half full when we came.  The boy behind the counter had his head down the whole time.  A waitress disappeared and came, avoided eye contact at all costs.  It made me wonder... if I pretended to drop dead on the floor would they even notice???

As a comparison, the Malaysian branch usually gives you your menu as soon as you arrive and takes orders promptly and some waiters even take orders very impressively, without writing it down AND get it right.  It seems, the zombie waiter/waitress epidermic I was telling MerlinFan about when I was on my trip to Sarawak has spread via the Malaysian franchise to Melbourne.  What do I mean?  

Zombie: informal A person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings

Yes, there was an epidermic of them in Sarawak - zombie waiters/waitresses who needed several people at once waving them down to get their attention, and those who remained completely inanimate, their faces a blank mask as they listened to orders and requests, then turn around and return with something completely different.  @_@  I half expected them to suddenly drop their platters and go "Raaaaarrrr!" like the zombies in Quarantine/Rec, eating the people closest to them alive.

Rec zombie woman

Ahem - back to the topic.  We left after 15 mins - I had better things to do and better places to waste my time and money.


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