Darac Grill and Bar

51 A'Beckett St, Melbourne, 3000
Date visited: 23rd March 2012

Darac is a Korean restaurant along A'Beckett St. The interior of this place is amazing - it has an old feel to it, with concrete floors, exposed brick walls and worn, wooden furniture.  I could spend hours looking around at the scattering of little knick knacks around the room, from golden fans to a takoyaki pans, bamboo plants and even an old Singer sewing machine (exactly like the one my grandmother owns!), polaroids hanging from wooden pegs and an old Venetian mask in the shelf behind the counter.  There was even a white cardboard stag head on the wall.

Darac has a unique way to pick your meal.  You have your menu and a small piece of paper that you tick your options.  It's good in a way - speedy and eliminates any chances of getting a wrong order :)  You could pick from the lunch sets (regular or large) which involves 3 easy steps - choosing rice or spaghetti, your main and a side (see below).
Front of menu and paper to put down your order

Back of menu
I had the green tea, which came in an adorable black teapot and cup.
Green tea $2
(Did I mention how much I love the distressed wood furniture?)
MerlinFan choose to have the chicken bibimbab.  It came with a bottle of sweet sauce that could put on your bibimbab to your heart's desire :D
Chicken bibimbap $13
The chicken was nicely seasoned, crispy and smoky.  As tasty as it was, for $13 she expected a larger amount of chicken - MerlinFan stated all the chicken pieces could probably have been stuffed into her mouth at once.  LOL.

I chose to have the lunch set of rice, takoyaki (octopus ball) and beef bulgoki which was stir-fried thinly sliced rib eye beef with sweet soy sauce.  My dish took quite a long time to come out, and the waitress who brought it to our table apologised earnestly.
Beef bulgoki, rice and takoyaki $10.50
The takoyaki came with a slice of sourdough bread and sitting atop a bed of salad.  Taste wise, the takoyaki was nice, but it came out just slightly warm and was not crispy.  There was also only a tiny cube of octopus inside.  The beef was absolutely delicious - tender and thinly sliced with a beautiful, sweet marinade. 

At $10.50 for a regular, the lunch set is probably more worth the value than the mains.  Darac is all in all, a nice place to have a lunch, however we were lucky we got a free table as soon as we arrived, for there people who were standing around waiting, sitting outside and leaving when they realised there was a long wait.  Do give it a go if you don't mind waiting for a table and for your food.  

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