Oishii Sushi

QV Urban Market Lonsdale & Swanston St,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Date vistied: 28th March 2012

After having our afternoon coffee and cake at Le Petit Gateau, we did our grocery shopping and on our way past the QV food court were tempted by the fumes of sushi handrolls.

We have been buying sushi from Oishii Sushi for years - it was the perfect lunch time pickup for $2.40 a roll, or if you happened to be wandering around late in the afternoon, the packs of two for $4.00 and packs of four for $9.60.  Even better.   

We're not fans of salmon or anything raw (What, no sashimi?  So sue me) so we picked up two of the two-packs with the fried chicken and the California roll.

We decided to make ourselves an "instant" Japanese dinner (we like to keep things simple).  Stopping by the Asian grocery store in Melbourne Central, we got our instant miso soup.  We got one from Kikkoman with 3 packs inside, complete with dehydrated tofu and seaweed :D  I was surprised how good it was (reminded me sorely of the miso soup I used to have breakfast, lunch and dinner when I was in Japan a few years ago!!!) - you could add water to taste, so you could make it as concentrated or diluted as you liked.

Walah - "instant" Japanese dinner.


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