Theobroma Chocolate Lounge 3

Shop T157, Melbourne Central (Near Shot Tower)
211 LaTrobe St, Melbourne 3000
Visited: 30th March 2012

I've been to Theobroma quite a number of times already but I realised I've never done a post on their actual desserts.  

I had the Mortal Sin, which was layers of caramel mousse, chocolate mousse, baked cheesecake and biscuit base, topped with a chocolate plaque and rosette.  All I can say is that it was so deliciously and mortally sinful, I would have gone straight to hell right after finishing it.

Mortal sin $5.50
MerlinFan's chocolate cake was moist, very chocolatey, and served warm, covered in melted chocolate.
Flourless chocolate cake $5.50
I had the white chocolate frappe - it was literally like sipping cold white chocolate with blended ice.
White chocolate frappe $6.20
MerlinFan had our favourite iced mocha.  I think Theobroma has the best mocha and iced mocha with milk chocolate in the CBD - there is a wonderful balance of rich milk chocolate and overtones of coffee without either being overpowering.  The consistency of the mocha is perfect, too, velvety smooth and not overly thick like how it can get at some chocolatiers.  And topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and flakes of milk chocolate, how can you resist?  There is also milk chocolate drizzled on the glass inside, but usually would have hardened by the time it's served (but if you're really crazy about chocolate, by all means go for it).
Iced mocha

The great thing about Theobroma is that they offer a great range of even greater tasting indulgent drinks, cakes, chocolates and their Theobroma all day breakfast.



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