Bluehills Berries & Cherries

27 Parker Rd, Silvan
Date visited: 23rd December 2012

We couldn't get enough of picking cherries, so this weekend, we went berry picking at Bluehills Berries & Cherries.  So what if it was 38 degrees @_@

It was $10 for entry to pick all berries - cherries, boysenberries, blackberries, and raspberries (limited).  Access to blueberries were an extra $15 per person, but this included your first 1kg of berries =D

We hit the blueberry enclosure first.  OMG so beautiful.  The berries were a pale green, blushing a soft pink before turning their well-known blue colour.

My favourite photo

A ripe bunch
To the boysenberry patch next!  I loved them, but MerlinFan and AS hurried away saying no, they were too sour >:(  
The stems of these little buggers were extremely prickly, so they got quite painful when we tried to pick the berries.  We could hear squawks of "ouch, ouch, ouch!" coming from the next aisle.  LOL.
Stay aware - we're not ripe!
 Only pick them when they turn dark.  The red ones were unripe and sour.

There weren't a lot of raspberries - they were either not ripe or withered, so I didn't bother taking photos.  This photo is stolen from courtesy of MerlinFan's blog XP
Little bleeding thorn holes in MerlinFan's fingers from "hostile" boysenberries LOL
Photo taken by MerlinFan.

But cherries!  We just finished picking cherries not too long ago, so I didn't think I was going to pick any more.  I just wandered into the cherry tree grove, looking for AS, wondering why these trees looked so barren?  I looked harder, and realised OMG there were SO many cherries hiding inside the branches!  HUGE, RIPE beautiful cherries!!!  And I tried one - bloody hell, it was bloody sweet!

Look, all my cherries came from one tree.
As I was picking cherries, I was suddenly approached by a young Asian man.  He asked me if the people weighed their bags?  At first I thought he was referring to the buckets we were given upon entering, but then he was pointing to this huge-ass backpack he was carrying.

WTF!  Isn't it enough that you get to come in and try the fruit as you pick?  I hate dishonest people!  Please, berries may grow on trees but money doesn't >:(
Our stash at the end of the day - that's not all... another box of blueberries is under my raspberries/boysenberries and cherries under AS' blueberries! 
Yes, we were three big piggies.  I love Summer!


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