The Original Doughnut Kitchen

Somewhere along Wellington Rd, Narre Warren East (after round about to Belgrave, Narre Warren, Emerald)
Date visited: 9th December 2012

We drove up to Cardinia Reservoir yesterday afternoon.  On the way up, we stopped by one of our favourite pitstops down this way - The Original Doughnut Kitchen.  We haven't been back here for years.  I still remember buying doughnuts from this truck years ago, when MerlinFan and I were kids coming here on holidays.

The truck is still as popular with many cars stopping for doughnuts whilst we were there.  I don't know if the actual owners have changed hands, but it looks like the same truck at the same location, only the owners look different.  Doughnuts just as good though!  They're $1.20 each and $7 for six.
We got six for $7.

My best childhood memories of hot jam-filled doughnuts are of the ones here, Queen Vic market and at Luna Park.  Just something about the falling sugar as you bite into the hot, crispy skin and have the scalding jam squirt out gloriously once you reach the centre.  Personal preference - I would buy hot doughnuts from trucks over fancy schmancy ones at actual restaurants any day.  Something about the simplicity of it all.

It was every bit as good as I remembered.  OMG the sweet smell that wafted into the car as we opened the bag was intoxicating.  
Burning hot out from the fryer and covered with a generous coating of sugar - the browned skin was deliciously crispy and the inside fluffy but with a slight firmness I expect from truck doughnuts.  And there was that sweet, tangy jam oozing out in the centre.  Now tell me that doesn't look good.
My doughnut looks like it was bitten by a doughnut loving vampire
Our second round. 
Yum... (again)
MerlinFan's sugar coated doughnut
I love me doughnuts.


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