Thai Culinary

433 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 21st December 2012

SM introduced us to one of her usual haunts, Thai Culinary.  A Thai friend of hers had recommended it to her, she liked it and she was passing it on to us.  Come to think of it, over the years, SM has introduced quite a number of places to boring ol' people like us who always answered a "Where do you want to eat?" with a very assertive "I don't know."  Annoying, I know.

Thai Culinary is quite a small shop next to hey, one of our favourites, Rose Garden.  There was no drink menu, but I copied SM and got an Iced Milk Tea - she just "knew" it was on the menu @.@ <impressed>
Iced milk Tea
Yes, in case you're wondering, the tea was orange.  According to Wiki, Thai tea may have other ingredients like red and yellow food colouring, which I guess could explain it.  It was a sweet milk tea, but I like my drinks sweet and undiluted, so I was happy with it.

I had the Pad Thai which was rice noodle stir fried with tamarind sauce, vegetables, peanuts, egg and I chose mine with chicken.
Pad Thai
Nice sweet flavours overall and noodles were slightly chewy.  They used breast fillet chicken, so the meat was inevitably dry.  The cubes of fried tofu were also quite hard.

I thought my Pad Thai was nice, but when I tried one of MerlinFan's Fried Spicy Chicken Spare Ribs, I had a case of food envy.
The spare ribs reminded me of Rose Garden's, except that the ones here were more on the sweet side.  Super crispy skin with moist, juicy chicken inside - these were great chicken ribs.  I only had one rib so I didn't think it was particularly spicy, but MerlinFan said the heat grew more and more with each bite.  Testament?  I was halfway through my Pad Thai when I turned to my iced milk tea, and realised that MerlinFan (being super Asian and always insisting on sharing) had guzzled it down to a quarter!  WTF, dude.

Thai Culinary does take away and home delivery too, so that's another option.

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